Anniston Music Club becomes Knox Music Club

A name associated with music in the Model City back to the early 1900’s was that of Carrie McClure Knox, the daughter of Anniston lawyer John B. and Mrs. Knox.

She was a fine pianist in her own right and was active in bringing together other musicians for the enjoyment of the arts. She was a graduate of the Noble Institute in Anniston, Ogontz, a finishing school for young ladies in Pennsylvania, and had studied dramatics at Harvard. She had also traveled extensively abroad.

The Knox House on Tyler hill (now the home of former U. S. Senator Donald Stewart and his family) was a focal gathering point for musical activities. In February 1917, Carrie and a small group of Anniston musicians organized the Anniston Choral Club. By 1923, the Choral Club became the Anniston Music Club.

When area musicians again organized a music club in 1938 after a suspension during the difficult depression years, it was named “The Knox Music Club” in memory of Carrie Knox who had died suddenly in her early forties.

Early Anniston Organizers

Active in the 40’s and 50’s were such familiar Anniston names as Mrs. L. C. Watson, Mrs. Frank Jones, Miss Kate Mims Smith, Mrs. W. W. Wakefield, Mrs. James Meigs, Mrs. Harry M. Ayers, Mrs. Walter Merrill, Mrs. Julius Hagerty, Mrs. W. S. Minshew, Mrs. W. P. Acker Jr., Mrs. Richard Boinest, Mrs. Hunt Cleveland, Mrs. E. D. King and Mrs. Hinton Boozer.

The Concert Series

Stanley Fletcher Pianist, April 12, 1946

The first concert of what was to become the Knox Concert Series was a sell out!!!

The concert was organized by piano teacher and longtime Knox Music Club member, Tamae Carns (Mrs. George) and was held at the old Anniston High School Auditorium which was at 16th and Quintard Avenue.

The auditorium proved too small to accommodate the throng of people who came from throughout Calhoun County and it proved to Mrs. Carns that the area could, indeed, support a series of professional artists. So, armed with one success and much enthusiasm, she and members of the Music Club - which had been in existence since 1923 - embarked on a “first season” featuring three ensembles, Albert Spalding, a brilliant violinist, Jeannie Tourel, famous Mezzo Soprano of the Metropolitan Opera, and duo pianists Bartlett and Robinson.

The rest is history! Year after year, with ups and downs included along the way, the Series has continued with its goal of bringing the finest quality artists available to the region.

Music in the “Model City”

1883 The Anniston Musical Club

One of the earliest organized groups in Anniston. Members met regularly for musicals in the mid 1880’s at the Wilmer Avenue residence of the J. C. Allens.

1917 The Anniston Choral Club

Organized by Carrie McClure Know. Miss Knox, the daughter of prominent Anniston attorney John B. Knox, was a graduate of Anniston's Noble Institute, Ogontz a finishing school in Pennsylvania, and had studied dramatics at Harvard.

1923 Anniston Music Club

1938 Knox Music Club

The club, which had ceased to function during the depression years, was started again and named in honor of Carrie Knox who had died suddenly in 1936 n New York City.

1946 The Knox Concert Series

Started by Mrs. George (Tamae) Carns and a group of the music club members.

1972 Knox Concert Series, Inc.

The Series was incorporated in 1971 by then president, Mrs. Eugene (Marguerite) Turner, Jr. A board of directors was formed.