Technical Specifications

The following venue infomation is provided for the production companies.

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Technical Specifications (download pdf )

Knox Concert Series (KCS) / Anniston Performing Arts Center (APAC) Technical Specifications

I. Lighting System

A. Control System
1. ETC Element 40/250 Control Console. The console has the latest software and dual monitors. The console is setup to use the iRFR or aRFR remotes.
2. House light dimmer control is new with control stations on both sides of stage, the light booth, and the main entrance. All houselights are dimmable LED.

B. Dimming Systems
1. ETC Sensor+ Dimmer System w/ 126 dimmers.
2. ETC Smartpack Touring Dimmer System with 48 1.2 K dimmers to socopex outputs.
3. Dimmer system is DMX controllable with 1 DMX channel hardwired to the rack and an additional DMX line to SR to the Smartpack.
4. Dimmers are setup in a dimmer-per-circuit system.

C. Instrumentation
1. 24 –FOH, 19 degree ETC S4 Ellipsoidal Spotlights with 750W lamps.
2. 12 – ETC S4 26 degree Ellipsoidal Spotlights with 575W lamps.
3. 12 – ETC S4 36 degree Ellipsoidal Spotlights with 575W lamps.
4. 24 ETC S4jr 36 degree Ellipsoidal Spotlights with 575W lamps.
5. 16 – ETC S4 Fresnels with 750W lamps.
6. 42 ETC S4 PAR’s with 575W lamps.
7. 6 Altman 3 cell Sky Cycs with 1000 watt lamps.
8. 2 Strong Radiance Long Throw Follow Spots located in the Lighting/Sound Booth.

D. Hanging Positions
FOH #1 Catwalk with 24 circuits 55 feet from plaster line.
1st Electric, 40’ 12X12 truss 6’ down stage of plaster line, on 2 -1 ton chain motors. 18 circuits in 3 pigtail boxes.
2nd Electric 15 circuits, 2’-6” US from plaster line.
3rd Electric 16 circuits, 9’-0” US from plaster line.
4th Electric 14 circuits, 13’-0” US from plaster line.
5th 6 - 12’ Portable Steel tower trusses on deck for side lighting.

II. Sound System

A. Front of House
1. Yamaha MG 24/14FX Mixing Console.
2. Dual DJ style CD Player.
3. Clear-Com Intercom System, 2 channel with 6 single channel belt packs and 7 headsets.

B. Amp Rack
1. 3 - Yamaha PC9501N Stereo Amplifiers.
2. dBx Driverack 260.
3. A Stage Listen System that feed speakers in the dressing room area.

C. Loudspeaker Systems
1. Left/Right Yamaha IF 2115/AS Speakers and 4 Yamaha IF 2208 delay speakers. FOH is setup stereo.
2. There are 2 independent monitor feeds to stage
3. The 4 floor monitors are Yamaha IF 2208. All speakers are equipped with speakon connectors.

III. Additional Production Provisions of KCS as Provided by Chevalier Productions, LLC follows: (NOTE: KCS/APAC and Chevalier production packages are the technical setup KCS provides.)

Audio System:



House Console:

Avid SC 48


House Effects:  

Processing in console


House Drive: Lake



House Cabinets: 




House Power:

Lab Gruppen


Monitor Console:

Avid SC 48


Monitor EQ:        


Monitor Cabinets:

(12) JBL 712 M ( Bi – amped wedges)

(2) JBL SR 4722 ( Side fills)

(1) JBL SRX 4719 (Drum sub)


Monitor Power: 

Bi- amped Racks 

(6) LAB GRUPPEN PLM 10 K                            


Snake System:

Ramtech 54 Channel


AC Distro:

200 Amp 120/240 (20) Circuits



Microphone package and all cabling


Lighting Rig:     




Hog 4


(6) Elation 5 R Beams                 


Distro with tails



Clear Com to all stations needed



250 of Control


Gel assortment

IV. Stage

1. The stage floor is 52’ wide at the proscenium and 28’ deep from curtain line to back wall. The stage floor is a sprung dance floor with ¾” plywood and 3/4” T&G pine floor painted black. There is no crossover except a 3’ space behind the last curtain.

2. There is an 8’ removable thrust covering the orchestra pit. The pit is 12’ X 24’ with a fixed height and a floor level covering. The pit takes about 4-6 hours to set up, use of the pit must be communicated early.

3. The grid is 54’ high and the proscenium arch is 18’. The walkable grid only covers the first 7 feet upstage of proscenium.

4. The SL wing is 26’ wide and the SR wing is 13’-6” wide.

5. The fly system is a wire-guided manual counterweight system with 3 single purchase electrics and 11 double purchase scenery lines. The fly rail is located SR at 18’ above the stage floor. There is a new loading rail. The double purchase line sets are limited to 850 lbs. on the pipe. We currently have 8,000 lbs. of stage weights.

6. House soft goods include a White Cyc, a full stage black , a black scrim,and three sets of black legs and borders.

7. The Blue Main Curtain is dead hung on a traveler, downstage of the proscenium.

8. There is a 5’6" X 9’10" double door SR that leads from the outside loading dock to the SR apron. There is also a street level ramp leading up to the loading dock.

9. There is a 400 amp switch and a 225 amp switch SL and a 200 amp switch SR.

10. Knox now owns a 48' wide by 32' deep Black/Grey Dance Floor.

V. Dressing Rooms

1. 6 - Six person dressing rooms are located in the lower level and are accessible from an USL door. There is also a large 20’ X 20’ room that can be used as a Greenroom or additional dressing room.

2. There are no washers or dryers on site.

3. 2 – Jiffy Steamers

4. 2 Irons and ironing boards.

5. 1 changing room with 5 showers connected to main dressing area. Additionally, there are 2 large locker rooms with 2 bathrooms available after 3pm for weekday performances or anytime for weekend performances. Check with the TD if interested.

6. Additionally there is one restroom with sink and commode in main dressing room area. Large male and female restrooms with sinks and commodes up steps from rear of dressing room area. These are available until 5:30 p.m. As these restrooms are adjacent to the main lobby of the venue, they become public restrooms during the performance.

VI. Additional Information

1. Trucks - Trucks may not back up to the loading dock until after 8:30am except on weekends. They must be moved to their final parking location by 2:30 PM. Our truck dock is the handicapped entrance during the show so it must be keep clear. Trucks will be required to park in a remote parking lot within four blocks of the venue.

2. Wardrobe - Wardrobe cases push around to side of theatre into dressing room area from a back door.

3. FOH Console Positions - sound and lighting positions: Rear of theatre HL and HR. Approximately a 90- foot distance. No permanent seats may be removed or positions located in center of theatre.

4. Food service: No cooking facilities are available in the building. If the show is using the Green Room for wardrobe, another place must be found to feed cast and crew.

5. No dedicated Production Room available.

6. No Telephone or Internet Service available.